16 Eating Etiquettes of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Eating Etiquettes of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Eating etiquettes of Prophet Muhammad PBUH or eating Habits, are an epitome for all the Muslims around the world.

He (PBUH) taught eating etiquettes more than 1,400 years ago and these are something that every Muslim should follow after reading this article. By implementing these you will be able to lead a happy and healthy life.

These are the eating etiquettes of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

  1. Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) never questioned the meal He used to get at home. He ate the food whenever it arrived whether it was His favorite of the one He disliked.
  2. He (PBUH) never declined to eat cooked meals.
  3. He (PBUH) also never demanded unavailable food.
  4. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) always thanked Allah (SWT) before eating. Perhaps not only at the time of eating, but He (PBUH) always thanked God at every moment. He (PBUH) would follow Bismillah to start it, which is the famous Sunnah.
  5. Our Prophet (PBUH) always completed His meals by praising Allah Almighty. Along with eating, He (PBUH) ended his every work by praising Allah.
  6. He (PBUH) loved honey and other sweets.
  7. He (PBUH) used to eat bread with vinegar, oil, or dates.
  8. He (PBUH) adored dates and milk.
  9. He (PBUH) used to eat different types of fish and meat.
  10. Among fruits, the Prophet (PBUH) loved and adored watermelon a lot.
  11. He (PBUH) used to settle down on the floor in order to eat His meals.
  12. He (PBUH) used to involve His three fingers only while eating.
  13. Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) used to share whatever He is eating with the person sitting next to Him.
  14. The noble Prophet (PBUH) never leaned during eating the meal.
  15. Prophet (PBUH) never drank water whilst standing. He (PBUH) preferred to sit at first. He also forbade the Muslims to have water while they are standing and suggested them to drink while sitting.
  16. He (PBUH) used to tighten His stomach by tying rocks along to prevent hunger and months would pass without a single food being cooked at His (PBUH) house. Though He (PBUH) wasn’t poor, He had the world’s richest people only under His single request to Allah. Still, He opted for a humble lifestyle and always kept the temporary world in His mind.

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