7 Major Sunnahs You Can Do This Eid

Here Are The 7 Sunnah's You Can Do This Eid

Eid is almost here! And to celebrate it with religious zeal, we must follow the footsteps of our Beloved Last Prophet Of Islam, Muhammad Prophet (PBUH).

There are 7 significant things that all of us should do, but instead, we miss all these opportunities in gossiping and sleeping around. Before going to the prayer, we must do these things to improve our Eid. These 7 things are proven from the different Hadiths taken from different sources.

We at Islamic Information try to bring you authentic Islamic information so you can follow the right path of Islam. Here are those 7 things that you should do on this day;

1. Do Ghusl Bath Before You Go Out To The Eid Prayer

Taken from Al-Muwatta.

2. Eat breakfast before going out to pray the Eid prayer

Taken from Sahih Al-Bukhari

3. Do not miss the Eid Prayer in the congregation

4. Say the Takbeer

  • Allah Hu Akber
  • Allah Hu Akber
  • Laa Ilaaha, Illa-allah
  • wa allah hu akber
  • allah hu akber
  • wa lillah hil hamd

(Musannaf of Ibn Abi Shaybah)

5. Congratulate, hug, and wish everyone


6. Perfume and beautify yourself with the best clothing you have

(Saheeh Ibn Khuzaymah)

7. Go to Eid Prayer via one route, and return via another

(Sahih Al-Bukhari)

We often neglect that Allah SWT rewards us; differently, no deed is big or small, and it is always your willingness that counts in front of Allah.

Things To Do on Eid Day

And these 7 things might seem very easy to do, but in reality, these little things can be a source of great blessings from the Almighty Allah. Every little deed is a step towards the Jannah; make sure you keep doing these little deeds to gain yourself heaven.

May Allah accepts our Ramadan. May this be your best and most joyful Eid yet!

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