6 Sunnah of Drinking Water The Islamic Way As Told in Hadiths

Sunnah of Drinking Water Islamic Hadiths

There are some etiquettes and sunnah of Drinking Water in Islam, which Islam has made clear in the books of Hadiths.

These days most of us think only Salah and other things are related to Islam but Islam is a lifestyle that also taught us about everything from eating till sunnah of drinking water including the things Haram for Muslims. Here are the 6 Sunnahs you should follow when you drink water next time.

1. Start Drinking Water With “Bismillah”

drink water bismillah

As we have directed from Allah SWT and His last Prophet Muhammad PBUH that we must say Bismillah before eating anything or drinking water.

2. Always Drink Water with your Right-Hand

drink water right hand hadith

Just as we taught about Bismillah, the same rule applies to how we eat or drink. Drinking or eating with the right hand is Islamic, even if you’re lefty, you should use your right hand.

3. Always Sit Down When You Drink Water

sit down drink water hadith sunnah

Science has also claimed that drinking water while sitting has more benefits as compared to drinking while standing up. This is one of the major sunnah of drinking water as taught by Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

4. Drink Water in 3 Breaths/Sips

drink water 3 breaths hadith sunnah

Drinking anything calmly will help your body to absorb the water as you take three breaths calmly while drinking. It is stated in the number of Hadiths and has been taught to all Muslims since their childhood.

5. Never Blow Your Breath in Your Glass

Do not blow from your mouth into food and water

Science proves that you carry some of the bacteria in your mouth, and by blowing it on food or drinking water you’re transferring all of them into your drink or food too.

6. Always Say “Alhamdulillah” After Drinking Water

alhamdullilah image for instagram

Always say ALHAMDULLILAH after you finish drinking water. Saying Alhamdullilah is a way of thanking Allah for the blessing.

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