This Is The Reason Why Cigarette Smoking Is Haram In Islam

Cigarette Smoking islam haram
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When you become addicted to Cigarette Smoking, you ask why Smoking is haraam? Now in youth, a trend of smoking is increasing day by day. They think that it’s cool to smoke. But actually, it is Not.

Firstly, we should know that what is Actually Haraam or What’s the definition of Haraam? So, “Everything that is forbidden or prescribed by Islamic law is Haraam”.

Islam forbids everything that is harmful. So now the case under discussion is Why Smoking is haram in Islam. Islam doesn’t allow us to harm ourselves. So, here are some references from Quran which can answer why smoking is haraam.

The Quran doesn’t specifically prohibit or Refuse to smoking, but gives some behavioral guidance:

surah bakra 2 195 smoking islam

There are some other references according to Islamic scholars which are as follows:

“what is clean and nice is halal and what is filthy and harmful is haram”.

So, Smoking is not a clean habit, it harms you, and it affects your lungs and also, your brain. Smoking reduces the capacity of thinking, you can go into depression. Smoking Not only harms you but also those Non- smokers who are your family or any person near to you. And Islam doesn’t allow you to harm anyone. The majority of people don’t like those, who smoke. So, all those things which bring these effects in your and others’ lives are definitely not Halal.

Once someone asked Doctor Zakir Naik (The Islamic scholar) Is smoking is Haraam or not?

He replied:

Today we have come to know that Tabaco in any form like Cigarette Smoking, chewing, etc. are the second major cause of death, several million of people die every year due to smoking but not because of terrorism. Now based on it In Quran Surah Baqrah;

Quran 2 195

So, these are some Major reasons and we can conclude that Smoking is Haraam and prohibited and can never be Halal.

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