25 Points From Hajj 2018 Khutbah That You Should Not Miss!

Hajj 2018 Khutbah

Hajj 2018 Khutbah was one of the wonderful khutbahs one can listen to. Because it is full of knowledge and wise advises, so we took out 25 points of it.

Here are major 25 points that one should read from Hajj 2018 Khutbah

  1. Make sure you’re surrounded with Muslims who are actively practicing Islam. These Muslims are your true friends.
  2. Not everyone in this world in there to judge you, some people are very good, if you look around.
  3. A friend who does not care about you, is not your friend.
  4. Accepting that “You’re Wrong” is not shameful, what really shameful is that you stay on Wrong path after realising that you’re wrong.
  5. The thing which will take you near Allah, that same thing will keep you away from Hell fire.
  6. We take “Tomorrow” very lightly, we think Tomorrow will be there, but WE MAY NOT!
  7. Just as yesterday, many thought they will see today and today many will be thinking they will see tomorrow.
  8. Death is a reality, and it can come anytime, it can be next min, day, month or year!
  9. Angel of death does not see how rich you are, or if you’re so poor. It will come and take you.
  10. Death is coming near us and you are still worried about what will you WEAR TOMORROW ?
  11. Tomorrow you will be a lesson for someone and memory for someone. Do your best to please Allah.
  12. Just think how many Muslims were here, and today they are not.
  13. We walk on earth with pride but sadly we forget that one day we will be buried 6 feet under ground.
  14. We spend so much on designer dresses but we forget that at the end we will be wrapped in Coffin.
  15. Learn to please Allah who is the creator not the creations.
  16. It is sad how we appreciate good people or blessings, only after we lost them.
  17. You will not sacrifice your diamond for a piece of stone, this is same with Duniya and Akhirah, Akhira is a diamond and Stone is Duniya.
  18. Wanting Jannah without pleasing Allah is similar to thinking that you would pass an exam without even appearing in it.
  19. We live in a world where people would not leave sins in fear of Allah but will leave food in fear of getting fat.
  20. A pure believer is someone who would thank Allah even if he is unemployed, poor and can bear to have food three times a day.
  21. There is only thing money can not buy “ALLAH”.
  22. Allah knows the best, he know what to give, when to give, how to give. One should trust him and stay calm.
  23. If a celebrity announces your name in public, how would you feel ? Imagine Allah announcing your name in the day of Akhirah.
  24. Do not make Quran Stranger in life, make it your friend and a companion.
  25. Pray because Allah is very forgiving.

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