The Reason Why You Shouldn’t Break The Relationships!

Reason Shouldnt Break Relationships

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Relationships are very important for all the human being, but in Islam, it is given the highest priority to maintaining such relationships among people.

Mostly people often break a relationship for a very tiny reason, but the thing we should know that it is a sin to break ties with your relatives in Islam. We agree that most of the relatives are selfish and reckless but that doesn’t mean you reciprocate the same with them and break ties with them if they are harming you, such as hitting or abusing and all, then it is acceptable but breaking it for very little reasons are sinful.

Relationships are things given to us from Almighty Allah, that we have to take care of, but instead, we turn our back on them just because of the misunderstandings, we say mean things, curse each other and this is to believe that the people who curse, Allah takes his blessings away because Allah does not like the people who curse each other and use bad words for each other.

After watching this video, you will get to know the importance of relationships and the other thing is, you will get to know about the importance of the relationships in Islam and how important they are and what role they play in our lives. Allah has instructed even in Quran to repect the relationships and prohibited breaking them. If they are harming you in any possible way then you have audacity to leave them as you please, but if they are not harming, then you have to make sure they stay with you.

The rest will be described in the video below:

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