Ramadan Mubarak To All Of You!

Ramadan mubarak greeting picture

Ramadan Mubarak to all the Muslims around the world from The Islamic Information team. Let’s pray and hope that this month turns out to be the best one.

Finally, the month of blessings is upon us and we are ready to celebrate it with all religious zeal. Before we start out first Ramadan, we should look for the unprivileged people who will be barely making their ends meet. So, make sure you contribute a little sum of money to give to those people so they can also have a peaceful Ramadan.

Lets raise your hands and pray together as we are welcoming this beautiful month, full of blessings.

Ya Allah! Remove our sorrows and worries.

Ya Allah! Help our Muslim brothers and sisters who are in trouble.

Ya Allah! Keep our families secure from all kinds of diseases, worries and sins.

Ya Allah! Give us strength to fast during this Ramadan.

Ya Allah! Forgive our sins which we have committed this year.

Ya Allah! Accept our Salahs, prayers and duas in this month.

Ya Allah! Help us in staying away for the sins and the things you do not like.

Ya Allah! Help us in following the footprints of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Ya Allah! Keep our parents happy and healthy.

Ya Allah! Keep my siblings happy and healthy.

Ya Allah! Those girls who are seeking a better husband, may Allah grant them better husband.

Ya Allah! Help us in helping Orphans and the widows.

Ya Allah! Make our child just like you want them to be.

Ya Allah! The one reading this may you grant him/her good life, better health and a happy family.

Ya Allah! Give all boys Halal job and business.


Ramadan Mubarak to all of you!

Please share this post as much as you can so Muslims all around the world can pray with us together. JazakAllah.

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