Japanese Doctor Shutaro Takai Converts to Islam After ‘Allah Hu Akber’ Cured Him

Dr. Shutaro Takai

Japanese Dr. Shutaro Takai, an ancient therapy specialist, converts to Islam after hearing Allah hu Akber.

The Japanese doctor belongs to Tokyo, Japan. He is a muscle and joint specialist through his ancient Japanese therapy technique. Dr. Shutaro is currently living in Lahore, Pakistan.

The doctor also changed his name to “Ali” on the fourth Caliph of Islam, Ali Ibn Abi Talib (RA).

While talking to the local media, Dr. Shutaro said that he had unbearable pain in his shoulder. In Japan, his Pakistani friend Maqsood told him about Syed Babar Bukhari, a friend of Maqsood, who got cured with the mention of Allah hu Akber.

The Japanese doctor went on the phone call with Babar Bukhari, who asked him to say Allah Hu Akber for five minutes. After the completion of the process, the pain was gone.

According to Dr. Shuntaro, now Dr. Ali, after the phone call, Dr. Ali arrived in Pakistan and met Syed Babar Bukhari, who later converted him to Islam.

Dr. Ali named this treatment a “special device” and named it CS60. The devices diagnose the oxide in the body. When it is rubbed on the muscles and veins, it opens the blockage in the different parts of the body.

But Dr. Ali was surprised by the spiritual method of curing the pain. To be noted, Islam is the fastest growing religion in Japan.

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