Saudi Arabia To Build Over 5,000 Buildings For Hajj 2024

Plans to increase the accommodation spaces in Mecca as the number of pilgrims is anticipated to increase in Hajj 2024.
people performing hajj
Image Credit: Al-Jazeera

MAKKAH – As the number of pilgrims is anticipated to increase the Saudi Hajj ministry has introduced a new set of rules and has decided to build more buildings for pilgrim accommodation.

The most significant religious event, the annual Hajj pilgrimage draws millions of pilgrims worldwide to the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah. 

To ensure a more safe and comfortable Hajj experience the Saudi authorities have been introducing several rules.

Preparing for Hajj 2024

As the preparations for Hajj 2024 get underway new rules and changes have been introduced to manage the increasing number of pilgrims.

Osama Zaytuni, the spokesman for Mecca mayoralty has announced that around 3800 buildings of various configurations will be used for Hajj pilgrims, however, the official number of buildings can go up to 5000 as the anticipated number of pilgrims may exceed expectations this year.

Osama Zaytuni further urged the building owners to get their buildings registered for the pilgrim’s accommodation to avoid overcrowding in one particular building to improve the overall pilgrimage experience 

Reports indicate that the number of pilgrims in the year 2023 who performed Hajj was around 2 million. This figure closely resembles the number before COVID Pandemic 

Moreover, new rules have also been introduced for the Hajj 2024 to ensure a smooth and organized Hajj event 

In a significant change, the new slots on the holy sites will be confirmed on a first come first serve basis. The order of finalization of the contracts will confirm the slots for each country 

As per Saudi Minister of Hajj, Tawfiq Al Rabiah though no new specific spots will be given to countries, countries initiating their contracts early will surely get priority in securing appropriate spots at the holy place

Visa Applications for Hajj 2024

Further to ensure an easy Hajj journey the following dates have been set for Hajj 2204 

  • Visa application for Hajj 2024 will commence on 1st March and will end on 20th Shawwal that is 29th April
  • The first flight of pilgrims will arrive at the holy place on 9th May, 1st Dhul Qaidah. 

As per the Saudi Government changes are necessary to ensure the safety and comfort of pilgrims in the next Hajj season.

Preparations for the Hajj 2024 have been initiated in Mecca with a focus on providing more buildings for pilgrims’ accommodation, introducing new rules for slot confirmation at the holy sites, and the early start of the visa process for the Hajj 2024. The initiatives will surely contribute to a better Hajj experience for all the pilgrims who arrive at the holy place.

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