Smart Robots In Prophet’s Mosque Can Assist In 96 Languages

A smart robot service has been introduced in Madinah to assist pilgrims visiting the Masjid an-Nabawi.
madinah courtyard facing baqe
  • The service aims to display and share awareness, educational messages, and health advice in over 96 languages to help pilgrims from around the world.
  • Volunteer and awareness teams, made up of 220 male and female volunteers and organized into 12 teams, are working around the clock to provide health and emergency services to pilgrims performing Hajj.
  • The robot project from the Ministry of Health is located in the courtyard next to the Prophet’s Mosque.

According to a report by the Saudi Press Agency, the service “aims to display and broadcast awareness and educational messages, along with health advice for the safety and awareness of pilgrims, in over 96 languages.”

The project from the Ministry of Health in Madinah province is positioned in the courtyard next to the Prophet’s Mosque.

In addition to the robot service, volunteer and awareness teams from the city’s health authorities are hard at work.

Smart Robot service in the Masjid an Nabawi

A dedicated group of 220 male and female volunteers, along with more than 12 teams, work around the clock to aid pilgrims performing Hajj.

Volunteers are ready to provide health and emergency services during the Hajj 2024 season at key locations including the Prophet’s Mosque and the roads leading to it, Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport, Al-Haramain train station, and sites like Quba Mosque, Al-Khandaf, Sayyid Al-Shuhada, and Miqat Dhu Al-Hulaifah.

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