5 Impactful Duas to Battle The Hardship, Stress, Depression, and Sadness

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Duas are the part of life, it is the tool which a person uses to make themselves relax by putting their faith in the world of Allah and Allah himself.

Science has proved that by reciting the Quran, it normalizes the blood pressure and puts you in a soothing state of mind. Furthermore, the Quran is the best way to medicate yourself. We have talked about the facts of the Quran in one of our blogs recently, even talked about the Depression Cures taught by Ali (RA).

Meanwhile, most of the people agree on the fact that making wudu can ease your mind and can cure depression, as well as it is also suggested that one make Wudhu and pray 2 nafl salah and it is proven scientifically that there are amazing benefits of making wudhu which can normalize the system of your body.

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Here are 5 short but very impactful duas to fight the stress, depression, and sadness which can be very helpful for you in your life.

Dua # 1

impactful duas stress depression sadness (1)

Dua # 2

impactful duas stress depression sadness (1)

Dua # 3

impactful duas stress depression sadness (1)

Dua # 4

impactful duas stress depression sadness (1)

Dua # 5

impactful duas stress depression sadness (1)

Sadness, Stress, and Depression are three different things which can destroy your happiness eventually, it does not just leave the mental scars it could lead to Suicide and taking a life of another person which is strictly prohibited in Islam. Instead of doing the things which are Haram (not permissible or against Quran and Sunnah) make sure you save these duas and recite these 5 Duas whenever you feel Sadness, Stressed, and Depressed.

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May Allah keep all of us in his protection and guide us to the path he wants his best man to walk and protect ourselves from all kind of worries and sadness and make us eligible enough to pass his test. Ameen

Do share these 5 Impactful Duas to all your family and friends who are suffering from Sadness, Stress or Depression.


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