5 Easy Ways To Make Your Relationship With Allah Stronger

relationship ALLAH strong ways

Relationship with Allah is very important for all of us to live peaceful lives. There are 5 easy ways that make your bond with Allah.

1. Forgive those who did wrong to you

Before forgiving them you have to forgive yourself. ill feelings can make your life bitter, and taking revenge will never give you anything positive in your life. Instead of opting for negative things to make your life bitter, it is better to forgive the people and to seek Allah’s forgiveness, in a post, we talked about the People Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Forgave, and we should learn forgiveness from him.

2. Repentance

“Your Sin is not bigger than Allah’s Mercy”
No matter how big your sin is, if you repent it with your heart and with a will that you will not repeat this mistake ever again then Allah will forgive you in no time!

3. Thank Allah for what he gave you

We should always Thank Allah for whatever he has given us. Most of people thank Allah when they earn something monetary while Thanking Allah is a must that he has given you Eyes to see, Body to feel, and Legs to walk.

4. Face his Test

Allah tests his people in every possible way, he tests them by taking money or giving money, he tests them by giving health and taking health or Allah has his own ways of testing his devotees. And the people who pass his tests will InshaAllah earn the greater reward.

5. Read Quran

Allah has sent the Quran through our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), The Quran is a guide for all Muslims. Even, reciting Quran, even just one line, can earn you a greater amount of reward. Recently, we aware of the Facts about the Quran, which tells the importance of it in making relationships stronger.

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