Step By Step Video Guide On How To Perform Hajj (English, Hindi and Urdu)

Hajj is very important for every Muslim as it holds the highest importance in Islamic literature and culture as well.
Step By Step Video Guide On How To Perform Hajj (English Hindi and Urdu)

This video guide will help you with every step that makes your Hajj complete. This is the video guide available in both English and Urdu or Hindi.

This is something that will help everyone and every single Muslim to gain knowledge about all the steps in it.

These video guides are not only useful for those who are performing Hajj this year, but this is also useful for every single Muslim out there to gain knowledge of how one can do it, as sooner or later they will also be making their way to the Holy Kaaba to perform Hajj.

The following guides are divided into two parts first one is in English and the other one is in Urdu/Hindi.

Step By Step Hajj Video Guide in English

For English speakers, this video will help you understand every aspect and step of Hajj, as most new converts are speaking English this will help you understand the right way of performing Hajj.

If you have any questions even after watching this video, then kindly ask that to a scholar or an imam near you.

Step By Step Hajj Video Guide in Urdu/Hindi

For people living in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, it will be easier for first-timers to know about every step that they have to take while performing Hajj.

If you still have questions then kindly visit a mosque nearby and ask your muazzin this question or you can also even ask this from your instructor.

For all those performing Hajj this year, May Allah accept their Hajj, Duas, and all the efforts they made to make this happen. Ameen

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