Is Prime Drink Halal? Can Muslims Drink It? 2024

prime drink halal

The beverages market has recently witnessed high demand for PRIME drinks, a collaboration product between British rapper and social media star KSI and US YouTuber Logan Paul.

Then what is the halal status of these viral drinks? Is it safe for Muslims to consume it?

Is Prime Drink Halal or Haram?

Prime Drink is Halal.

PRIME’s official website states that their products do not hold formal Halal Certification until now as the producers argue that their products do not contain ingredients or manufacturing processes that would require such Certification.

However, KSI, one of PRIME’s founders, confirmed on its personal Twitter account that PRIME drink products are halal.


Is It Safe For Muslims To Drink?

If viewed in terms of ingredients, PRIME drinks are safe for Muslims to drink. The ingredients used in this beverage itself are suitable for vegetarians and do not contain alcohol. The ingredients are electrolytes, coconut water, vitamin B, BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), and many antioxidants.

However, it is recommended for Muslims to be patient and wait until PRIME beverage products officially obtain formal halal Certification to avoid any doubts while drinking it.

Ending Note

The choice to buy and drink PRIME beverage products is a personal choice of yours as there might be some of you that think in terms of the ingredients used in this drink and the halal confirmation from KSI, the founder of this drink, is enough to ensure that this drink product is halal. At the same time, other Muslims might need formal halal Certification to ensure the halal status of this product.


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