US Senators Pushes Facebook to Ban Anti-Muslim Content

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It is told by senator Chris coons and 14 other US Senators to the social media, that steps are not being taken by  Facebook against hate speeches and the Muslims being targeted by the violence.

Facebook is being called out by the Democratic senators to reduce the spread of anti-muslim bigotry after social media failed to recognize address attacks and was criticized due to the attacks on several faith groups on many occasions including the shootings in Christchurch.

On Monday, a letter was sent to the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg by a group of 15 senators stating that he should carry out its community standard to point out anti-muslim hate and put a ban on the event pages which are used for harassment, organizing, and violence on the Muslim community.

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The letter further stated that the ‘’call to arms’’ policy is not carried out properly by Facebook.

It is a year old rule which was made under the pressure of Muslim protecting groups. Since 2015 it has pointed out many cases where the Facebook organizers had advocated the followers to bring weapons inside the places of worship.

Facebook has been criticized for giving a platform to promote violence against Muslims all over the world. Several cases include the violence against the Muslims in India, in Myanmar the violence against Rohingya Muslims, and also the attack in Christchurch.

The platform has been used for the Imprisonment of the Uyghurs in China and other human rights violations against this population as indicated by the reports. Facebook and WhatsApp have stimulated the violence against Muslims in India and violence has been promoted b Facebook all around the world.

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In New Zealand, the gunman who killed 51 Muslims during worshiping in the mosque has done this mass shooting live on Facebook for 17 minutes before the platform stopped it by itself.  

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Anowar Hussain

Ever seen such a bold step which would definitely contribute to stop spreading hatred against Muslims and consequent joining of Muslim youths in extremism. Great….

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