Chinese Muslims Are Wondering Why They Are Forbidden to Buy Sugar

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The authorities of the Xinjiang Uyghurs Autonomous Region of China further complicated the life of the Uyghurs muslim population – now the Uyghurs muslims cannot buy sugar without the permission of the police.

The immigrant who left China because of the impossibility to continue to live and work in Xinjiang told about this innovation in a conversation with RFA, reports IslamNews. The woman kept her own bakery but was forced to close it because of the inability to buy sugar in the right amount.

According to the source, for the purchase of sugar, each buyer must show a passport and a police stamp. At the same time, far from every Uyghurs muslim is issued such a certificate – in particular, sugar cannot be seen by all those whose relatives are in “re-education camps” or who are on the “black” list of security officials. But those who have such a certificate will sell only a few hundred grams of refined sugar.

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Uyghur residents are wondering why the Chinese authorities want to limit their sugar consumption. Separate speculations appear in social networks that sugar can be used in the manufacture of explosives, and the Chinese government directly associates Uyghurs muslim with terrorism and, for this reason, bans them from buying this food.


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