Kaaba’s Kiswa Raised Ahead of Hajj 2024

Kiswa is an incredibly designed cloth that covers the Kaaba. The lower part of Kiswa has been raised on Wednesday ahead of Hajj 2024.
kaaba kiswa raised hajj 2024
View of raised Kiswah. (Photo: X)

This was approved by the General Authority for the Care of the Two Holy Mosques. As per the approval, the part left after raising the Kiswa was covered with a 2.5-meter-wide and 54-meter-long white cotton fabric.

Approximately 10 cranes and 36 technical individuals were employed for this pious job.

As per the Saudi Press Agency, there are several stages which are involved in raising the Kiswa.

The first stage involves loosening the screws which are located at the bottom of the cover followed by detaching them from the corners. The rings at the bottom are then removed after the removal of the rope.

The fourth step involves rolling the kiswa towards the top. This step is followed by the removal of lanterns around the Kaaba. The bottom part of Kaaba is then covered with a white cloth and the lanterns are finally set back in place over the White cloth.

The changing of Kiswa is organized every year with the same procedure. The aim of changing the cloth of the Holy Kaaba is to prevent the cloth from getting dirty or damaged.

The ritual of replacing the cloth of the Kaaba with a new kiswa is conducted on the 9th of Dul Hijjah every year.

Saudi Arabia is lucky to organize a huge human gathering of Hajj each year as the annual pilgrimage is the most pious and biggest event in Islam.

Each year millions of pilgrims visit the Holy City for Hajj and Umrah. Saudi Arabia is known for hosting the biggest number of Hajj participants in 2012 which was 3.16 million pilgrims.

However, with the pandemic, the number of pilgrims was reduced to thousands by the Saudi Authorities to prevent any further spread of COVID-19.

As the pandemic got controlled the number of pilgrims was gradually raised and it was reported that around 1.83 pilgrims performed Hajj in the year 2023. As per reports, the number of pilgrims is expected to go even higher this year.

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