Pakistan Just Made Teaching Quran Mandatory For All Schools

Pakistan Teaching Quran Mandatory Schools

Pakistan: A new bill has been passed which made it mandatory for all the Schools to teach Quran in all standards. This bill will not be applicable to Non-Muslims students.

This bill will help Muslim students to come closer to the Islam and will help children as well as their parents to learn about Islam. Whereas, the Non-Muslim students will not be learning it since Islam does not force anyone. Non-Muslims will be skipping such classes as this is not the part of their faith, and neither the Islamic Republic of Pakistan forces them to study. But if they want to learn it themselves then they are free to opt for the opportunity.

Pakistan’s National Assembly on Wednesday has passed the bill making it compulsory for all the Muslim students to seek Quranic lessons in their school. By this step, it has opened doors to all the Quran teachers to earn from it as well.

Founder Minister Federal Education And Professional Training, Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman has made this bill possible and got it approved, in this bill, it is stated the Quran will be taught grammatically from grades I to V while from grades X to XII it will be taught with translation as well.

This bill has enabled a path to all the kids to get closer to the religion in a healthy environment. As Islam teaches to carry World and Islam together, so this bill is helping many students to learn the words of Allah. This will also make it easy for the students to learn Quran in a happy environment along with their other friends.

Meanwhile, parents do not have to worry about finding a proper Quran Tutor or pay the extra money to them, the teachers hired by schools will be paid adequately which mean a number of teachers will be getting this noble job.

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