This Indian Actress Says She Loves The Sound Of Azaan

priyanka chopra azaan sound indian actress

Indian Actress, Priyanka Chopra, who is basically a Hindu said that she “Loves the sound of Azaan (Call to Prayer)” and it is her favorite time of the day.

After the incident of Sonu Nigam, Priyanka Chopra’s video broke on the Internet, in which she is seen saying that she loves the sound of Adhan (call to prayer) which makes her feel peaceful.

Priyanka Chopra is one of the most famous Indian actresses who has also worked even in Hollywood. And has also been award with the India’s highest civilian award recently. And she can be seen working in the Hollywood TV series and Movies.

Recently, an Indian Singer, Sonu Nigam said he dislikes the sound of Azaan! and called it “Forced Religion” while on the other hand Priyanka Chopra and Pooja Bhatt is seen claiming Adhan as the most peaceful time of the day for them.

Watch what Indian Actress, Priyanka Chopra have to say;

Translation in English: “The interesting thing in Bhopal, which I like and actually wait is the time of Adhan. I sit on my terrace after pack up at around 8, when I hear the sound of Adhan coming out of every mosque from Bhopal, India. On my terrace, there are 6 sounds of Adhan can be heard, I love those 5 minutes when the sun is going down and the sound of Adhan coming, it’s a strange feeling with gives me peace.

Every country has good and bad people, and same is with India. We have even seen Salman Khan, Pooja Bhatt and many other eminent Bollywood artists who stopped their press conferences just for the Adhan. Respecting religion is a must for every religion, every religion teaches that we should respect each other as well as their faiths and this is the same thing Islam says too.

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