The death of the scholar Junaid Babunagari, one of the most prominent Bangladeshi scholars

Junaid Babunagari

The preacher and educator, the Emir of the “Hafizul Islam Bangladesh” organization, the Shaikhul hadith, the scholar Junaid Babunagari, passed away last Thursday, at the age of 68.

The deceased – may Allah (SWT) have mercy on him – was one of the Islamic Scholar of Bangladesh, who dedicated himself to supporting the truth and religion, serving Muslims, spreading the supreme values of Islam, and was an example of sacrifice and giving, and a summit in steadfastness, honest in tone and statement, spreading hope in souls wherever he settled, and instilling his love in Hearts without permission. He was known for his honorable stances in telling the truth and standing up to negative manifestations in society and calling for goodness and virtue.

Biography and career:

Sheikh Junaid Babunagari was born in 1373 AH corresponding to 1953 AD in the village of Babungar, Fatikshary, Chittagong. His father, Hazrat Mawlana Abul-Hasan was one of the most prominent scholars of Bangladesh. He was the author of “Tanzimat Al-Shtaat, Sharh of Mishkat Al-Masabih”.

Junaid Babunagari received his primary education at the Aziz Al-Ulum Madrasha Babunagar, then completed Dawratul Hadis (equivalent to a master’s) at the Dar Al Uloom Hathzaari Madrasha. then traveled to Pakistan, joined Dar Al Uloom binnuri, and then returned home after obtaining a higher degree in Ulumul Hadith.

Career path:

Early in his career, Junaid Al-Babunagari joined Aziz Al-Ulum Babungar School as a muhaddith, and then in 2005, he joined Dar Al Uloom Hathzaari Madrasha known throughout the country as the highest institution of Islamic education in the country – as a muhaddith. He was also appointed Secretary of Education at the university. He was arrested and detained for a long time after the “Shabla incident” in the capital on May 5, 2013, and he is the Secretary-General of the university. In 2017, he was promoted to the position of Sheikh of Hadith for that university.

After the death of the scholar Sheikh Ahmed Shafi, the scholar Junaid Al-Babunagari assumed the presidency of the “Hafizul Islam Bangladesh” movement, and before that he held the position of Secretary-General for the Guardians of Islam for a long time.

He became widely known both at home and abroad as the emir of the Hefazat al-Islam movement, especially when a section of the members of the “Hafzat al-Islam” favored a compromise with the current government, and Babongi’s strong anti-government stance was widely discussed.

Amid the tensions surrounding Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Bangladesh on March 26 this year, there have been strikes in the country and violent clashes with the police. Some leaders of “Hafiz Al-Islam” were arrested until the Emir of Al-Hafza announced the dissolution of the organization’s central committee after holding several meetings with the government.

Written by: Syed Usama

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