The 7 Reasons Why Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Liked Dates

why reason prophet pbuh love dates

Dates are the thing, which is most loved by the last Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (PBUH). The dates have many benefits which will astonish you.

As we talked about the 6 Fruits that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) liked to eat, a date is one of them.

1. Dates strengthen Bones

It has manganese, copper, and magnessium, which makes your bones healthy. And these elements can help in the prevention of Bone pain and other diseases.

2. Helps in Digestion

It has Fiber, which is very important for your intestine. As well as, it helps in curing constipation. Dates have absorbable fiber which helps in cleaning your immune system.

3. Prevention of Paralysis Attack

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has presented a report which said that 100 mg of magnesium every day can reduce the chances of getting paralysis attack by 9 percent. We have already told, that Dates have an adequate amount of magnesium present in them.

4. Best for your Heart

These are the best for your heart! Techno Institute of Technology has also presented a report which suggests that drinking Pomegranate juice and eating 3 dates can make your heart healthier. Furthermore, this report stated that Pomegranate and Dates are filled with anti oxidents which clean your arteries by 33 percent.

5 Good for Blood Pressure

Magnesium in them is the factor which is very beneficial in controlling the blood pressure. Although the Potassium in it also very beneficial for your heart. Both the things can help in making you heart healthier, and can make it work well and controls the blood pressure.

6. Cures Swelling

A date is full of megnessium and megnessium has a characteristic of curing the swollen body parts. If you eat a single date a day, it will help in reducing the swollen body parts. It can also beneficial for artheristis, body pain as well as alchimeiers.

7. Best for your Brain

Six medical journal JAMA Internala ccording to a study published tells adequate amounts of B vitamins in the body,  in Medicine is beneficial for improving mental performance and good exam results.

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