5 Must Visit Gardens In Madinah

These 5 Gardens in Madinah are known for their historical stories.
Gardens in Madinah
Image: The Islamic Information

Madinah is one of the holiest places in Islam. The five gardens in Madinah are known for their rich history of Islam.


  • The best time to visit Madinah is between November and March.
  • Masjid an-Nabawi should be a must-visit when you are going to Madinah.
  • The five gardens of Madinah hold historical importance in Islam.

Madinah is the second holy city in Islam after Makkah. Also Known as Al Madinah this city is the final resting place of our beloved Holy Prophet (peace be upon him).

The beautiful city of Madinah is a pilgrimage destination and attracts millions of Muslims each year who come to perform Hajj or Umrah and visit the Prophet’s mosque.

The city is a treasure of historical sites each having its own story relating it to the times of the Holy Prophet peace be upon him.

1. Jabal Uhud Garden

Jabal Ohud Garden is known for its history as well as its serene atmosphere which offers tranquility and peace to the Visitors. This place is located near Mount Uhud in Madinah.

jabal uhud garden
Image: Sa


The significance of the garden can be understood from its location, which is near Mount Uhud. A significant battle which brought many lessons for the Muslims was fought near this area.

Visitors visit Jabal Ohud Garden to remember the martyrs, reflect on the lessons learned, and enjoy the tranquil surroundings.

2. Ethiq Well & Garden

This historic spot in Madinah is the same place where the Holy Prophet peace be upon him and his followers were warmly welcomed by the Ansar (the tribe of Al-Aws and Khazraj) upon their migration from Makkah to Madinah.

Ethiq Well & Garden Madinah
Image: Nor Azman Mohd Zawawi


The place not only reminds an individual of the warm hospitality extended by the Ansars to the Muhajirs but is also a symbol of brotherhood in Islam.

3. Qiblatayn Garden

Qiblatayn Garden is known for its lush oasis and is a place where visitors can get a peaceful breath. It is located near the Qiblatain mosque which is one of the earliest mosques in Islam.

Qiblatayn Garden Madinah
Image: Musab Saleem


The garden is significant in Islamic history due to its location which is near the Mosque Qiblatayn. It is the same mosque where Allah commanded the Holy Prophet peace be upon him to change the Qibla from Jerusalem to Makkah.

4. Salman Al Farsi Garden

The Salman Al Farsi Garden is a beautiful place with around 300 date palm trees which were planted by the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). It is a living tribute to Salman Al Farsi, the companion of the Holy Prophet.

Salman Al Farsi Garden
Image: Farrukh Raja


The garden holds historical importance as it contains those trees that were planted by the Prophet himself to free his companion Salman Al Farsi.

5. Saqeefah Garden

Located 200m west of Masjid-e-Nabwi, the Madinah Flower Garden is an explosion of colors.

Saqeefah Garden
Image: Kashif Raja


The garden holds great significance as it adds to the beauty of Madinah. The garden is a popular display of flowers that is adorned by visitors of all ages.

Madinah is not just about gardens but it is a city with a rich history of Islam. The Masjid An Nabawi should be a must-visit which is the resting place of the Holy Prophet. The Green Dome is an iconic symbol of Madinah adding to the elegance of the city.

The best time to visit these gardens in Madinah is between November and March. The Arabian coffee and local dates are the best cuisine in the city.

Whether you are looking forward to a spiritual journey or you are looking for a cultural exploration, the gardens of Madinah provide a splendid journey.

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