The Last Words of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) Before His Death

The last words of the Holy Prophet marked the completion of his journey in the world.
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The final words of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are deeply respected. They have been shared for many years. They teach us about Islam. He shared wisdom at the end of his life. It was not just a goodbye. It was meant to guide people for a long time.

The Last Sermon of the Holy Prophet

He gave his last sermon during his last trip to Mecca. He said Muslims should be united and equal. He told them to be kind and respectful to everyone. This was no matter what their race or status was. He talked about how important life and property are. He also said people should keep their promises and do their duties.

Last Words

People say that the Prophet’s last words were about his faith. He said, “O Allah, with the highest companions.” This meant he wanted to be with the angels. It showed he was ready to do what Allah wanted.

The Prophet’s last words left a big mark. They show what Islam is all about. These words still help Muslims today. They remind them of what is important in their religion.

Message in the Last Sermon

His last sermon had strong messages. It said all humans are equal. It said Muslims are all brothers and sisters. It told them to always do the right thing. He left the Quran and his teachings, the Sunnah, to guide people. He promised that if they followed these, they would not lose their way.

The sermon ended with an important message from Allah. It was the last part of the Quran to be given to the Prophet. It said that the religion of Islam was complete.

The last words and sermon of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are very important. They remind us of his teachings and what Islam stands for. His message still inspires and guides many people today.

His final words, “O Allah, with the highest companions,” show his strong faith. They guide Muslims and highlight the importance of faith, life after death, and the soul’s journey forever.

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