Is Dead Fish Halal? Can Muslims Eat It? 2024

dead fish halal haram in islam

Find the answer to the commonly asked question, “Is dead fish halal or haram?” using evidence from the Quran and Hadiths. Learn about the permissibility of dead fish for Muslims and the safety concerns involved.

Is Dead Fish Halal or Haram?

Dead Fish is Halal.

The question of whether dead fish is halal or haram is one that Muslims frequently ask. It is crucial to examine the instructions given by the Quran and Hadiths to comprehend whether eating dead fish is permissible.

The hadiths also mentioned that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) clarified there are two types of dead meats, halal for Muslims, Fish, and locusts.


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  • Ibn Majah 3314 (Vol. 4 – Book 29)
  • Ibn Majah 387 (Vol. 1 – Book 1)
  • Ibn Majah 386 (Vol. 1 – Book 1)

Is It Safe For Muslims To Eat?

Even though Hadiths advise that eating dead fish is permissible, many Muslims still worry about its safety. If a fish dies naturally, it might have begun to rot and become unfit for human consumption.

A dead fish may also be contaminated with deadly bacteria or toxins if improperly handled, which raises the possibility of food poisoning. Therefore, it is crucial to remember that dead fish that has started to decay or become contaminated and may pose a risk to one’s health shouldn’t be eaten.

Ending Note

In conclusion, based on the cited Hadiths, Muslims may eat dead fish as long as it wasn’t already dead when it was caught. However, it’s crucial to consider how safe it is to eat dead fish and stay away from it if it has started to rot or become contaminated.

Muslims who eat seafood should carefully handle and prepare it correctly to ensure its safety and quality. In conclusion, dead fish that is safe and fit for consumption can be regarded as halal.


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