Is Making TikTok Haram In Islam or For Muslims?

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We have seen the going craze of TikTok a new app that is catching the minds of many youngsters these days. We have collected a few points on why TikTok is Haram or against Islam.

This app is downloaded by millions of people crossing the mark of 100 million active downloads on the Apple store and Google Play Store.

TikTok is all about Dancing

This app is majorly focusing on Dancing and Music, which are both not permissible in Islam. You see many girls dancing, and singing on social media, their videos have been viewed by millions in the world and those people watching them are na-mehram.

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It is addicting

Anything that makes you an addict is a bad thing. And certainly, this is worse for a human being to be an addict to something which is sooner or later would be destructive for him or her. We see many people lose their lives while making TikTok videos specially in Pakistan, India and other Asian countries.

This can make your depressed or isolated

Indeed TikTok gives you temporIary fame, and when the fame goes away a person is more likely to feel isolated and do all sorts of stuff to get people’s attention. And we have seen some people are going nuts to get fame to get few likes on the app.


Sadly we see Boys are dressing up as Girls to dance and girls are trying to be boys, this is something leads to another way which you know what we mean!

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What does Islam say about TikTok?

As per Islamic studies, whatever is happening on TikTok is strictly against Islamic teachings. In Islam, The basis of TikTok is based on Dancing, Acting, and Music, while Dancing of Girls in front of millions of unknown boys and singing and all of it is strictly Haram.

Hence, after this, we can say that TikTok is Haram in Islam and there is no way a Muslim can defend this app.

If you have a question about TikTok and your personal life, feel free to post it on our forums so more people can give you answers.

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I do not feel that the app is haram, it is the specific people on the app doing haram things. Tik Tok is not all about dancing. There are jokes, and cooking, and life hacks., and many many more things. There is even many who talk about Islam on the app. There are many who don’t do haram things. So you shouldn’t say the app is haram. As long as you don’t promote (like and share) the haram dancing or singing videos, your fine. If this is the case you could say this about many app, such as Instagram, Snapchat,… Read more »

mustafa qureshi

Yah that’s fine, I did not make tiktok anyway. But I have one question that if I make a YouTube channel where I post tiktok funny videos ( other people videos ) is it ok to make money from Youtube by this tiktok videos


Asalam alaikum, I recently deleted my TikTok account because I used music in my videos and I’m now aware that it is haram. Is it still haram if I make a new account & post videos ( but I will not add music, dancing, lip syncing, etc. )


Don’t think so…

its not haram if u dont do the deed for example you can see life learning goals but not all ladies and men dancing if your iman you wont be depressed


Is it allowed for a hijabi to post funny videos that do not involve any haram humor and also promote islamic knowledge?. examples are- muslimthicc and huummiiii


Assalam u alaikum, I never used TikTok but all my Indian and Pakistani friends do, I want to persuade them to not use it cuz it’s haram. 🙁
#TikTok sucks
#TikTok is cringy


Please reply telling me how to stop my friends..

Dude who replied to your question

Show them this article


Is it also haram if I do hijab tutorials, singing islamic song in tiktok?


i just wanna ask that is it okay to dance only to the tik tok dances alone without posting them.


Assalam u alaikum. My little brother, little sister and my mother, they all have Tik Tok and they love it so much. I don’t have Tik Tok and I hate it. As soon as I read this article, I tried to explain this to my mother and siblings and I explained that there is all this haram stuff, including a boy killing his neighbor just to be Tik Tok famous. They said that I was wrong and they started defending the app. When I explained this to my father, he said he didn’t care and they can have it if… Read more »

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