You Can Skip Jummah Prayer On Eid Day, Saudi Scholars Fatwa

You Can Skip Jummah Prayer On Eid Day
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The Ministry of Islamic Affairs issues Eid prayer directives on Friday. Imams must perform Friday prayer if possible, while attendees can pray Dhuhr instead of Friday prayer.


  • In case Eid Al-Fitr coincides with Friday, the Ministry of Islamic Affairs issued directives to mosque imams.
  • Dhuhr prayer can be offered instead of Friday prayer by those attending Eid prayer.
  • Without sufficient worshipers, the mosque’s imam must offer Dhuhr prayer.

Imams of mosques have been instructed by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance to adhere to religious guidelines issued by the Fatwa of the Permanent Committee for Scholarly Research and Ifta. If Eid Al-Fitr falls on a Friday, the obligatory Friday prayer (Jumu’ah congregational prayer) must be performed.

Friday Prayers Not Obligatory If You Have Prayed Eid Salah

A fatwa says offering Friday prayers is not obligatory for those who attended Eid prayers on Friday. Those who attend the Eid prayer are excused from attending Friday’s prayer and can perform the Dhuhr prayer at their convenience.

Muslims who want to offer Jummah prayer anyway on Friday, despite offering Eid Salah, can do it, The ministry confirmed in the Ifta ruling.

If You Miss Eid Salah, You Must Attend Jummah Prayers

The fatwa also explained that if you fail to offer the Eid prayer, you must not miss the Jummah prayer; the person can not use this as an excuse to miss the Jummah prayer.

According to the guidelines mentioned in the fatwa, the imam should go with the Dhuhur prayer rather than Jummah prayer if there are very few people in the mosque.

If you have attended Eid salah and are skipping the Jummah prayer on the same day, you should pray Dhuhur prayers.

During the day, if the mosque opts for Dhuhr prayer, they should not say the adhan (call to prayer). Call to prayer is only mandatory for the mosques going with Jummah prayer.

The Ifta declared emphatically that it is against the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) Tradition and is omitting one of the obligatory rituals ordained by God without convincing evidence that the Jumu’ah and Dhuhr prayers are not required to be performed for those who offer the Eid prayer.

The ministry’s circular cited the committee’s fatwa in saying that those who attended the Eid prayer had to offer the Dhuhr prayer if not the Jumu’ah prayer.

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