Prophet Muhammad PBUH Disliked Sitting On With Hand Support

hand resting position prophet muhammad hated

Everything suggested by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is certainly beneficial and has a good impact on Muslims. Likewise, everything that was prohibited by the Prophet SAWW certainly had a harmful impact so the Prophet prohibited it.

Among the things that were forbidden by the Messenger of Allah and wrathful by Allah SWT were sitting with our left hand behind our back and being used as a backrest or pedestal. So why is resting on the heel of the left hand prohibited?

This prohibition comes from Sharid b Suwaid who said that;

The Prophet SAWW once passed in front of me when I was sitting like this, namely leaning on my left hand which I put behind me. Then the Prophet SAW said, “Are you sitting in the manner of those with whom Allah is angry?

Narrated by Abu Dawud No 4848

What is meant by those whom Allah is angry with is the Jews, as Ath Thibiy said. The author of ‘Aunul Ma’bud said that what is meant by people who are angry here is more general, kafir, fajir people (immorality), arrogant people, people who are arrogant from the way they sit, walk etc. (‘Aunul Ma’bud 13: 135)

Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (May Allah have mercy on him) explained that this manner of sitting was described by the Prophet (Peace be upon him) as the manner of sitting of those with whom Allah is angry with.

As for placing both hands behind one’s back and leaning on them both, there is nothing wrong with that, or if he leans on his right hand, there is nothing wrong with it.

What is said as the manner of sitting of those with whom Allah is angry with is placing the left hand behind the body, and it is on the ground and leaning on it. This sitting is wrathful, as the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam described it.

So from the explanation above, we can conclude two things:

Firstly, that this manner of sitting is something that is hated by Allah SWT, then it clearly shows its haraam and one should not lean on his left hand, put it behind his back, and using it as backrest.

If a person’s intention is sitting on this manner to rest, then he should lean on the heel of his right hand, not the left, or he leans on both hands simultaneously or sits with his legs crossed.

Second, that the Muslim is one of those people who are blessed by Allah so he must avoid resembling those with whom Allah is angry with and whom He has cursed.

If anyone asks, where is the logic for sitting like this to be prohibited? Then the answer is that it has been explained that sitting like this is the sitting of those whom Allah SWT is angry with (maghdhub ‘alaihim).

If it has been stated thus, then our attitude is sami’na wa atho’na, which means we listen and obey. There is no need to seek wisdom first or ask “why?” before practicing it.

A Muslim should not underestimate this kind of thing. Not without reason, something is prohibited in Islam, and the words of the Prophet SAW were not based on the desires which he expressed. Allah Ta’ala says:

“And not what he said was according to the will of his lust. His words were nothing but revelations which were revealed (to him)”

Quran An-Najm 3:4

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