Committed A Lot Of Sins? Here’s Is How You Can Start A Fresh Life!

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SINS! As we often listen that Man is the statue of mistakes. People can be involved in the sins. They get involved in the sins because of their less faith and devil.

But like other things, it can’t be their permanent life to be in sins. Allah can show them right path or the light of faith. So, when they want to change their lives and want to be a good person but people don’t accept them. But we people forget that Allah is greater than us if He forgives his man for any sin then who are we? Why we can’t forgive them and help them to change their lives. This is how we treat other but this is not how Allah treats us. We should motivate the sinner to start a new peaceful life after a life of sins.

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There are many ups and downs in the life so, when you decide to return towards Allah, you have to face the difficulties. As it is said that “Ease come after every difficulty” when Allah give you difficulties then He also gives solution we just have to find them. And we have to believe in it Because “Allah loves His man 70 times more than of any mother“.



So according to these two Hadiths, it’s clear that Allah is merciful He will forgive you when you seek forgiveness from Him.

  1. You should pray daily to gain Allah’s sympathy.
  2. You have to change your heart according to Allah’s order.
  3. You have to seek forgiveness of Allah and repent of the wrongdoing.
  4. You must have a strong, sincere intention not to go back to the sin.
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From all these things you will be able to start over after a life of sins. Do share this with all your friends and family to help them start a fresh life.

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