Saudi Security forces Catch Man Before He Attempted to Stab the Imam of Masjid al Nabawi

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Saudi Security forces successfully unfold the effort to stab the Imam of Masjid an Nabawi. This video has been shared all over social media.

As we know that recently many people have tried to commit suicide, throw patrol on Kaaba and all other thing were in the news. But this thing has also started in Masjid An Nabawi. But luckily Saudi Security Forces halted the attackers mission to assassinate the Imam of Masjid an Nabawi.

This video was shared by a Facebook page Life in Saudi Arabia, and it was seen by a large number of people all over social media and shared all across twitter, and facebook. You can see the video embedded below, as it is taken from a security camera agent who then shared it online.

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Video of attempt to stab the Imam of Masjid al Nabawi

This is clearly not okay, the person who tried to do it must not be a Muslim, many assassins use Muslim names to get into holy places and do all sorts of stupid activities to make Muslims and Islam look bad infront of the world.

The saudi security forces are currently investigating this issue, but has not been given any announcement on this issue. It is also unclear who that guy was, and from where he belonged. The only statement which was issued that said, the attempt to stab Imam of Masjid al Nabawi has been unfold.

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If you know anything about this matter, please do add the information in the comment box below so our readers can get a good grip of this matter.

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