Attack on a Muslim cemetery in Germany

Attack on a Muslim cemetery in Germany

A Muslim cemetery in Iserlohn, Germany, was subjected to a racist attack that destroyed dozens of tombstones.

In the attack, which occurred on New Year’s Eve, an unknown person or persons smashed the tombstones of Muslims and damaged their cemeteries in the city of Iserloun.

Police and the public prosecutor announced on Saturday that about 30 tombstones had been demolished and decorative items and plants damaged in the Islamic part of Isrelon’s main cemetery, and said the incident took place between Friday noon and New Year’s morning.

It is not yet clear who is behind this and the police are collecting evidence.

In a statement on Twitter, the head of the Turkish Parliamentary Union of Turkish-European Democrats of the Justice and Development Party (AKP), Zafer Sirakaya, condemned the attack, noting that the year 2022 began with the desecration of Muslim graves.

Sirakaya said on Twitter: “We started 2022 with shameful images!  There is a vile mentality that targets even the graves.  I call on the German government, law enforcement forces, the judiciary and the public to take a clear stand against violence and discrimination against Muslims.

He added in another tweet: The year begins with the desecration of Muslim graves in Iserloun.  Simply this disrespect!  Not a day goes by without hate crimes against Muslims!  Politicians must take concrete action against anti-Islam racism.”

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