Indian Actress Sana Khan Quits Film Industry For Islam

Sana Khan Quits Film Industry For Islam

In the latest news, the former actress Sana khan posted that she will leave the film industry and will follow the path of Allah.

From the past six months, the actress has been posting surah and ayahs and reciting the Quran by herself. She also used to share hadith of our honorable and beloved Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him).

The entertainment industry has given her all kinds of fame, honor, and wealth as told by Sana khan in her post. But she has noticed that she should not make wealth and fame her only aim. Furthermore, she added that from onwards she will follow Allah’s commands and serve humanity. 

She officially reported on Friday, that she will no longer be an actress who will work for the industry. She also penned a note on her official;

Lately, Sana had a major Drop out with her boyfriend Melvin Louis. She called off the relationship for being cheated on with specific other women recently during February this year. After the breakup, The actress Sana has also been into depression.

The actress touching the Holy Kaaba – (Instagram)

The actress Sana khan begun her career in modeling and appeared in several advertisements and featured films. The actress was an Indian former actress dancer and model. She has also manifested herself in Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Telugu language films, tv commercials, a dance performance in films, and a special appearance and also a reality television show.

She has been seen in more than 50 ad films. She has also performed in more than 14 films across 5 languages. She has also appeared in a reality show as a contestant on Bigg Boss in 2012 and became a finalist.

Her friends and colleagues from the film and television industry reacted to the actress Sana khan’s post and wished her joy and love.

The actress has also detached her pictures and videos from her shoot diaries and social media accounts. Previous, Zaira Waseem had also quit the industry to serve Islam.

We wish Sana good wishes for her new journey.

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