IShowSpeed Donates $50,000 to Palestine

Mr Beast hosted a challenge and the winner was announced to be IShowSpeed. However, the prize amount of $50,000 was donated by IShowSpeed to support the relief efforts amid the conflict in Gaza.
IShowSpeed Donates $50,000 to Palestine.
Photo: YouTube/IShowSpeed

IShowSpeed gives $50,000 to Palestine after winning MrBeast’s challenge.

American YouTuber and content creator IShowSpeed went viral for donating half of his MrBeast challenge winnings to Palestine, following the ongoing conflict in Gaza since October 7, 2023.

The donation, made on Jun. 11, 2024, under “Palestine Relief Web,” totaled $50,000. This amount represents half of what he earned from a recent MrBeast video where he competed with fellow YouTuber KSI in a wipe-out challenge.

IShowSpeed has consistently shown his support for Palestine. He’s shared his views through several clips on his Twitch and YouTube channels. In these clips, Speed has made statements like “Free Palestine” directed at Israeli settlers in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Pro-Palestine activists shared multiple posts about IShowSpeed’s donation to Gaza, praising the YouTuber for his generous contribution. Here’s what some of them had to say on X (formerly known as Twitter):

“Can you believe it? This kid is only 19 and he donated that much for a good cause!”

“I don’t like the stuff he does, like barking and clowning around, but I have to admit, he’s humble deep down. I love that social media made the right guy famous. Respect.”

Good for him. He’s got a good heart!”

“We helped the right person become famous.”

Some users were “disappointed” that IShowSpeed didn’t donate all the money, but many others came to his defense:

“I’m guessing the folks grumbling about why he didn’t donate the whole amount are probably the ones who didn’t give anything themselves, lol.”

As of now, the ongoing Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7, 2023, have led to the deaths of over 37,000 Palestinians, including many children, according to the Gaza health ministry. This number doesn’t even account for those still trapped under the rubble.

Also, since October 7, at least 84,000 Palestinians have been injured from Israel’s ongoing bombings, leaving many people in Gaza homeless, displaced, and suffering from a lack of food.

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