Youngest Hajj 2024 Pilgrim Dies In Makkah Due To Intense Heat

Mohamed, a young boy from Egypt who passed away due to high temperature in Makkah while his parents were performing Hajj rituals.
Egyptian pilgrim passes away in Mecca during Hajj
Photo: Gulf Today

Egyptian kid, Mohamed, the youngest Hajj 2024 pilgrim passes away due to intense heat.

People on social media shared a photo of Yahya Mohamed Ramadan, a child who recently passed away in Makkah.

The people of Kafr El Sheikh Governorate in Egypt were deeply saddened by the news of the child’s death. He was with his parents on their Hajj pilgrimage in the Holy Land.

Mohamed, a young boy from Kafr El Sheikh, Egypt, became famous on Facebook recently after a photo of him in Ihram attire next to the Holy Kaaba was posted, showing him as the youngest Egyptian pilgrim.

His photo was shared widely on social media, but sadly, the child has since passed away.

The child’s family shared the heartbreaking news that he passed away in the Holy Mosque while his parents were performing Hajj rituals. The high temperatures were too much for him to handle.

In response, many followers prayed to God Almighty, asking for His mercy on the child and strength and comfort for his parents.

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