Lost People Services Provided 24-Hours at Masjid al-Haram

A 24-hour service has been launched at the Grand Mosque to help visitors find their way back in case they are lost.
Lost People Services
Photo: Saudi Press Agency (SPA)

The 24-hour service is an initiative to support the pilgrims at the Grand Mosque. Moreover, the information cards in multilingual languages are also accessible at the mosque thus removing any language barriers for the pilgrims.

The huge area of the Grand Mosque is confusing for many pilgrims, especially during crowded times. To make it easier for the pilgrims to navigate the expansive area, the General Authority for the Care of the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and Prophet’s Mosque has launched a 24-hour guidance service.

This service is specially designed to help the pilgrims navigate the area without any issues which will prevent them from feeling disoriented in the premises of the Grand Mosque and its courtyard, particularly during peak hours.

The comprehensive service will be available at all times which highlights the General Authority’s commitment to providing a peaceful pilgrimage experience to all the pilgrims. Any visitor who has lost their way can make use of this guidance and find their way back.

Lost people service is available at

  • Gate 79
  • King Fahad Expansion Zone
  • Ajyad area behind restroom number 3
  • Al-Qashashiya sector

The location of the service has been planned strategically making a comprehensive network of distribution thus ensuring the availability of the service all over the mosque’s area.

Lost People Services 2
Photo: Saudi Press Agency (SPA)

As the pilgrims are from diverse backgrounds and understand different languages there was a requirement to get the instructions manual in different languages.

The General Authority has offered information cards in English, French, Persian, Urdu, Bengali, Malay, Russian, Chinese, and Hausa. The availability of information in different languages will help overcome the language barriers that are usually faced by the worshippers.

Added to this, one can get detailed access to cultural and historical insights by scanning the QR code on the card. Pilgrims can use this feature to understand more about the Grand Mosque in Makkah.

This initiative taken by the General authority to establish a guidance service along with multilingual cards highlights their dedication to supporting the pilgrims. By making cultural and historical insight accessible, the authority ensures a positive journey for each pilgrim visiting the holy place.

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