Medical Team Saves Bangladeshi Hajj Pilgrim’s Life in Makkah

The Bangladeshi pilgrim was transferred to King Abdullah Medical City after he suffered a myocardial infarction in Makkah.
Medical Team Saves Hajj Pilgrims Life in Makkah jpg
Photo: SPA

The Bangladeshi pilgrim suffered a severe myocardial infarction but was saved by the medical team in Makkah.

A Bangladeshi pilgrim who suffered from a myocardial infarction has been successfully saved in the holy city of Makkah by the medical team operating there. To cater such emergencies a medical team has been formed at King Abdullah Medical City, which is a part of Makkah Health Cluster.

As per reports received from the Makkah Health Cluster, an ambulance was called in an emergency when the pilgrim started facing severe chest pain. Swift actions were taken and the pilgrim was transferred to King Abdullah Medical City. The medical team performed few medical procedures including cardiac catheterization and installed a stent in the patient’s body. All the procedures were completed within 45 minutes.

Reports indicate that the Bangladeshi pilgrimage is now in good health and is recovering, thanks to the expert intervention of the medical team. The patient is being monitored vigilantly to avoid any critical situation.

King Abdullah Medical City has a swift response rate in case of any emergencies. The hospital uses high-end technology and tools to deal with special medical operations.

The swift action by the medical forces in the holy city of Makkah underscores the exceptional skills of the medical team. This further ensures that each pilgrim will remain safe and will receive proper health treatment if required during their stay in Makkah.

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