Pilgrims To Face Extreme Heat During Hajj 2024

Pilgrims who are performing this year’s Hajj have been warned of intense heatwave, rain, and sandstorms in Makkah, Mina, Muzdalifa, and Mount Arafat.
Image: Abed Ismail

As Hajj 2024 approaches, weather forecasters are warning of extremely hot weather conditions with the chance of sand storms in holy sites such as Makkah, Mina, Mount Arafat, and Muzdalifa.


  • The temperature will start at 45 Celsius with the real feel up to 48 Celsius.
  • Pilgrims have been advised to stay hydrated during their Hajj journey.
  • Medical camps have been set up at all sacred sites.

Temperature To Go Upto 45 Degrees Celcius

During Hajj this year, the temperature is expected to hit 45 degrees Celsius in the Makkah area, making it tough for pilgrims to make hajj in the heat. It is to be noted that real feel can go as up as 48 degrees Celsius.

Usual Temperature Graph of Makkah in Celcius
Usual Temperature Graph of Makkah in Celsius. Image: The Islamic Information

Rain and Sandstorms a Possibility

As the mercury goes up, weather forecasters are also citing a change of rain, especially in the afternoon. While, active ghust winds can cause sand and dust storms, reducing visibility for a specific period.

Authorities have urged pilgrims to take necessary precautions to protect themselves from the extreme weather during Hajj 2024, such as staying hydrated, carrying an umbrella, and seeking medical attention.

To cope with the challenging weather conditions, pilgrims are advised to take the following precautions:

  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, especially during hot Hajj days.
  • Whenever possible, seek shade or air-conditioned spaces to avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Stay updated with the latest weather forecasts and any travel advisories issued by the authorities, the best way is to have the AccuWeather app downloaded.

The meteorology center has confirmed that the authorities will closely monitor and follow up on the latest weather alerts at all the holy sites to ensure the well-being and safety of hajj pilgrims.

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