23 Dead After Protest Against Indian Discriminatory Citizenship Law

Six Dead After Protest Against Indian Discriminatory Citizenship Law
Al Jazeera

India’s new Citizenship Law is excluding Minorities in India, which includes Muslims, Sikhs and Christians and more.


22-Dec-2019: NEW DELHI: Protests against the CAA new discriminatory Indian citizenship law that is excluding immigrant Muslims has taken over India for weeks now as the Internet and communications have been shut in the area, as police confirmed that the death toll has now risen to 23, reported by Bloomberg.

20-Dec-2019: The death toll rises to nine as the latest clash erupted between the protestors and Indian forces.

16-Dec-2019: According to the Officials, six people died; four were shot by the Police, the fifth one died by getting his shop surrounded with fire while he was sleeping in his shop and, the last one was beaten to death during the protest.

On Sunday, a crowd of around 5,000 people indulged themselves into chanting, singing and carrying banners along of “Long Live Assam”, while hundreds of Police force was viewing the sight.

As per the Legislation by National Parliament on Wednesday, New Dehli will be providing the millions of illegal immigrants with Indian citizenship considering arrival from three neighbor nations, except the ones who are Muslims.

Even on getting revised, the immigrant residents were still observed unhappy. Karan Mili, who had his fellow died among the victims of the protest against citizenship law, quoted that the people of Assam will continuously protest as India is based on democracy and the government should listen to them.

The curfew disturbed the oil and gas production of the state. Protesters burned the buses and tyres. They sat near railway and highways due to which train service was impacted in few places within East. Police fired tear gases on the crowd.

On the third day of the protest, in West Bengal, Chief Minister; Mamata Banerjee temporarily stopped internet services of a lot of districts.

The opposed Congress party was blamed by Narendra Modi for creating violence.

The Home Minister tried to calm people by saying that national northeastern cultures are not in any threat.

This legislation is considered as a part of the Hindu-nationalist agenda of Modi by the opposition, Islamic groups and right activists, in order to marginalize 200 M Muslims of India.

The BJP stated the local media that they are planning to challenge the bill in Supreme Court; they were supporting this law earlier.

H/T: Al Jazeera

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