Israel Dropped 6,000 Bombs on Gaza Strip, the Same Amount the US Dropped in Afghanistan

The total number of airstrikes recorded in the last six days on Gaza matches the number of bombardments on Afghanistan carried out by the United States in one year.
Armored Corps in the Gaza Strip
Photo: Flickr

GAZA – Continuous airstrikes on the Gaza Strip by Israeli Defense Forces have resulted in 1500+ deaths and uncountable injuries, including those to women and children. The number of bombs targeted in Gaza in the last few days has matched the number of bombs the United States dropped in Afghanistan in one year.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas and Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip have gathered global attention as the ongoing conflict is being compared with the war between Afghanistan and the United States and the NATO campaign in Libya.

As the conflict reaches its sixth day, Israel’s devastating airstrikes have resulted in 1500+ deaths and uncountable injuries. The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza revealed that major casualties include women and children, which has raised even bigger concerns on an international level.

Moreover, it has been estimated that a total of 6,000 bombs have been targeted on Gaza and particularly Hamas in the last 6 days, which is a figure similar to the total number of bombs dropped by the United States in Afghanistan in 1 year (7432 bombs).

Commenting on the ongoing situation, the Dutch military advisor Marc Garlasco stated the criticality of the situation, explaining the clear difference between Gaza’s smaller and densely populated area and that of Afghanistan, making the damage more likely.

Despite the fact that Israel is carrying out human massacres, it has been receiving support from various countries. For instance, the United States, is a longtime ally of Israel.

is backing Israel by providing military aid to kill Palestinians. In addition to this, the United Kingdom has also expressed its support for Israel. However, it’s not just nations but also multinational corporations that are getting involved.

For instance, McDonald’s has announced that it will provide free meals to the Israeli forces. The unfair support for Israel has raised concerns among Muslim countries as they witness the cruel treatment of Palestinian brothers and sisters at the hands of Israel.

Though these comparisons may not be perfect, they do underscore the intensity of Israeli attacks in Gaza.

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