Rain Predicted During Hajj 2024 Season

Despite the heatwave during Hajj 2024, Saudi Arabia has predicted a 60% chance of rainfall during the Hajj 2024 days.
rain during hajj

The Saudi Meteorology Department has announced that there is a 50% to 60% chance of rainfall at the holy sites during this year’s Hajj season.

This forecast has significant implications for the millions of pilgrims who are preparing themselves to face the heatwave.

Rainfall in Makkah and surrounding areas during Hajj can create both challenges and opportunities. On one hand, cooler temperatures from rain can provide relief from the intense heat, making it more comfortable for pilgrims during their outdoor rituals.

On the other hand, heavy rain can lead to slippery surfaces and potential flooding, which can disrupt the flow of pilgrims and complicate the execution of various Hajj rites.

The Saudi authorities, aware of these potential challenges, have emphasized the importance of preparedness and safety.

Saudi authorities are implementing measures to manage the expected weather conditions, ensuring that the pilgrimage proceeds smoothly and safely.

Pilgrims are urged to stay informed about weather updates and to follow guidelines from Hajj organizers to mitigate any risks associated with the rain.

Drainage systems have been inspected and improved to prevent water accumulation, and emergency response teams are on standby to assist pilgrims in case of severe weather.

Additionally, shelters and shaded areas have been prepared to provide refuge from both sun and rain.

Rain during Hajj is not unprecedented; in previous years, pilgrims have experienced various weather conditions, including rain and storms.

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