Tour De Hajj – British Muslims Reaches Madina For Hajj After Cycling 6,500 KM

Tour De Hajj (2)

A cycling group called Tour de Hajj consists of a group of British Muslim cyclists has cycled more than 6,500 KMs from England, the United Kingdom to Madinah, Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj 2019.

Tour de Hajj group has been cycling for the last 60 days and came across 17 countries in Europe and the Middle east to finally make their way to the holy city of Madinah, they weren’t just cycling for the Hajj, but also for the Charity money which they collected while on their way to Hajj 2019, making it the biggest event that includes cycling constantly in two continents.

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One of the group members, Taher Hasan Akhtar, called this cycling journey a “Spiritual, Beautiful Journey” as they were received with a warm welcome upon their arrival in Madinah, Saudi Arabia. Later they paid homage to the Prophet Muhammad PBUH in Madinah, then the group left for Makkah to complete their Hajj 2019.

The group of cycles was received by Mishaal Al-Touhami, who is the chairman of the Society of Culture and Arts in Madinah.

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Cyclists were presented Coffee, ZamZam water and dates because it is Arab Hospitality to welcome guests with Food.

The cyclists were amazed to see such a warm welcome from the locals of Madinah. Furthermore, Tour de Hajj cycling group praised the facilities provided by the Saudi Arabian Government upon their arrival.

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This isn’t the first time!

Back in 2017, a man arrived in Makkah with other 7 British Muslim cyclists after five weeks of hard work, known as Hajj Riders, who came through United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Greece and then Egypt as they completed their journey to reach Saudi Arabia for Hajj.

In other news, Mohammad, the cyclist came from Xinjiang China to the Taif, Saudi Arabia cycling more than 8,150 km which took 3 months to complete.

Hajj is one of the most sacred things and the pillar of Islam for the Muslims all around the world, inspiring stories like this one indeed shows how enthusiast Muslims are for the Hajj and a way of saying “Thank You” to the Allah SWT for giving everything in their life.

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