Hajj 2019 Khutbah – Major Points To Know From Hajj 2019 Sermon

Hajj 2019 Khutbah Sermon Translation English Urdu Hindi Main Points

Hajj 2019 Khutbah was given by Mufti Sheikh Muhammad Bin Hassan Al Sheikh, a Mufti of the Grand Mosque from Nimra Mosque in Arafat.

These are the major points which all Muslims around the world should know from Hajj 2019 Sermon;

  • The role of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is a blessing from Allah for all Muslims. His teachings teach us to stay on the path of Takwa and fear Allah.
  • Allah has created every Angels and Human to worship him and to obey the teaching of Allah and Prophet Muhammad PBUH.
  • A person can only be successful when he goes for the path of Prophet Muhammad PBUH which is indeed the path of Allah.
  • Allah’s mercy is bigger than anything in the world.
  • No one is allowed to change in Islam. There is no violence in Islam. It only teaches humanity and kindness. And there is no racism in Islam. If anyone promotes violence and being unkind to people can never be a Muslim.
  • Pray salah five times a day, Pay Zakat, Fast in Ramadan and perform Hajj once in a lifetime if you can.
  • Allah loves to person who is kind, if you’re a Government member, then it is your duty to be kind to civilians, if you’re a Manager or CEO in an office, you must talk to your employees with kindness and if you have maids in your house, be kind to them. Prophet Muhammad PBUH said who doesn’t stay kind to people around him or her, Allah takes each and everything from him.
  • Never make fun of the Quran and its teachings. People who make fun of it will face Allah wrath.
  • Always say “Assalam o Alaikum.”
  • All Muslims are Brothers and Sisters, help each other.
  • Do not create a hassle or anything that cause your other brother a problem. And this applies to every Muslim.
  • Allah has only unveiled 1% of his kindness, 99% will be seen on the judgment day.
  • Have mercy on people on land, and Allah will shower his blessings on you from the sky.
  • If you do business or have to get your money or to give money to someone, you must deal with such things in a merciful manner, do not get rude.
  • Reading the Quran is Allah’s blessing on us.
  • Making contact with the Mosque is like making Allah your friend.
  • Sort out the problems of people.
  • Be kind to your wife.
  • Be kind and merciful with Non-Muslims.
  • Never deal with Interest, never justify interest by calling it Trade or business. Interest is Haram and the haram thing will remain haram.

Hajj 2019 Khutbah in Urdu and Hindi Translation

Hajj 2019 Sermon in English Translation

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