5 Names of Honorable Women In The Quran – Female Names In Quran

5 Names of Honorable Women In The Quran - Female Names In Quran

These are the 5 honorable personalities in Islam, which are mentioned in the Holy Quran. These mentions of Women In The Quran are also five mothers.

Only Maryam (AS) is mentioned by the name in the Holy Quran, while the rest was called through their family relations. Using “Family relations” to get attention was the Arabic tradition at that time.

1. Hawwa (AS)

five mothers mentioned in the quran

Hawwa (AS) was created from Adam (AS), and she was his wife as well. Hawwa (AS) was the first woman Allah ever created who initiated the source of life. She is the mother of all mankind.

Lessons from Hawwa (AS)’s life

Her repentance was enough to tell Muslims always to ask forgiveness for their sins. The significant difference between a believer and a disbeliever is that a believer will always ask Allah for his mercy and forgiveness. The story of Adam (AS) and Hawwa (AS) tells us how Allah forgives our sins and gives us hope to start a new life.

Where is Hawwa (AS) mentioned in the Quran

Hawwa (AS) is mentioned in the Quran in 7:23, 7:27, 39:6, 30:20, 4:1 and 7:189.

2. Umm e Musa (AS)

first woman to enter jannah

Umm e Musa (AS) was the mother of Musa (AS). She gave birth to him during the era of Pharoah in Egypt when Pharoah ordered his forces to kill every “Male” baby in the area. After the direct order from Allah, she sacrificed her motherhood and believed in Allah’s plans, and later Allah reunited her with Musa (AS), and then he became a Prophet of Allah.

Lessons from Umm e Musa’s life

Umm e Musa (AS) holds the highest respect in Islam because of her strong faith in Allah SWT and is a role model for women in the world. Her story tells us to have faith in Allah and follow his plans even if we do not understand them because eventually, we will get to know what Allah has chosen for us.

Where is Umm e Musa (AS) mentioned in the Quran

Umm e Musa is mentioned in the Quran in 20:37-40 and 28:7-13.

3. Asiya – Wife of Pharaoh

what does the quran say about women's roles

Asiyah was the wife of Pharoah, who was the most powerful man walking on the earth. Asiya got Musa (AS) from the shore and convinced her Husband (Pharoah) to adopt the baby as their son. Musa (AS) grew up in the shelter of Asiya and became a Prophet of Allah.

When Musa (AS) called people towards Allah, Pharoah tortured those who believed in Musa (AS)’s vision, and he also tortured Asiya. Despite living in luxury and a prominent mention, she always believed that Allah had reserved a house for her in Jannah. She gave up her life in the fulfillment of Allah’s commands.

Lessons from Asiya’s life

The personality she used to have is an epitome of a strong woman who stood up in front of Tyrant. Her life is a lesson that a woman should not run after the luxuries of life. Her life teaches us that we should sacrifice each and everything for the happiness of Allah SWT.

Where is Asiya mentioned in the Quran

Asiya is mentioned in the Quran in 28:7-9 and 66:11.

4. Wife of Musa (AS)

female prophet names

The wife of Musa (AS) convinced her father that she wanted to marry Musa (AS). She was intelligent and a strong woman. She knew how to deal with men despite having an old father. She agreed to Musa AS despite the fact Musa AS at that time was homeless. She married him because he was a nobleman and would respect her.

Lessons from Wife of Musa AS’s life

The primary lesson one should get from her life is that a woman should look at the qualities of a man, not his money or the things he has in his life. Another lesson was that it is okay for Muslim men and women to like or love each other and also taught the best way to approach someone she liked. She told her father and married Musa AS.

She dealt with men with confidence and with dignity while being fully covering all of her body.

Where is Wife of Musa AS mentioned in the Quran

Wife of Musa (AS) is mentioned in the Quran in 28:22-28.

5. Marium (AS)

what does the quran say about women's clothing

Marium (AS) or Mary is the only female mentioned by name in the Holy Quran. Chapter 19 of the Holy Quran is named after her. She was the mother of Prophet Isa (AS), also known as Jesus. She had never been with any men but still delivered a baby. It made her one of the most respected women in the Quran.

Lessons from Marium AS’s life

She delivered Prophet Isa (AS) all by herself, without having anyone to support her. Her strength is something to be proud of. She had a difficult time during her pregnancy as people accused her of sin, but she had a firm belief in Allah’s plans and stayed positive during her pregnancy period. She teaches us to stay positive and have faith in Allah SWT.

Where is Marium AS mentioned in the Quran

Marium AS is mentioned in the Quran in chapters 3:42-43 & 45-47, and 21:91.

Other Female Names Mentioned in the Quran

  • Daughters of Prophet Muhammad PBUH (Quran 33:59)
  • Wives of Prophet Muhammad PBUH (Quran 33:59, 28 and 34)
  • Bilquis “Queen of Sheeba” (Quran 27:21-42)
  • Daughter of Prophet Lut AS (Quran 11:79 and 15:71)
  • Wife of Prophet Ibrahim AS (Quran 11:71-72)
  • Wife of Imran (Quran 3:35-36)
  • The woman who complained to Allah SWT about her Husband (Quran 58:1)

So these are the Women in the Quran, which is mentioned clearly. And we hope you have a full grip of women in the Quran topic after reading it.

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