Bollywood Actress Sonam Kapoor Supports Palestine, Posts Story In Support

Sonam Kapoor’s Instagram story is a question itself for the Muslim celebrities who are silent on the Israel-Hamas war.
Sonam Kapoor supports palestine
Image Credit: Instagram (L) / NDTV (R)

NEW DELHI – A famous Bollywood actress, Sonam Kapoor is among the few individuals in India who are speaking in support of Palestine. Her Instagram story presents her courage to speak against injustice.

Sonam Kapoor the famous Bollywood celebrity became the first person from Bollywood to break the silence over the ongoing devastating conflict between Hamas and Israel that has taken the lives of thousands of individuals. 

Sonam Kapoor Gaza
Image Credit: Instagram

Sonam Kapoor, raised her voice on Israel’s bombardment of innocent Palestinians on her Instagram story where she said that half of the people in Gaza are children. In another story, the actress states that Gazians’ life is as precious as Israelis so if one doesn’t care about Gazian’s life then he won’t even care about human life as a whole.

It is worth noting that the war in Gaza has now reached its 11th day with Gaza facing blockage of water, fuel, food and electricity by the hands of Israel. As hospitals in Gaza are on the verge of collapse, the Israelis have started attacking the hospital emergencies causing more chaos.

Sonam Kapoor Palestine
Image Credit: Instagram

While many individuals praised the actress for raising her voice there are many other Muslim celebrities that have decided to remain silent on this matter.

As per the recent reports around 2800 plus Palestinians have been massacred, 1200 children and 10,000 who are critically injured by the Israeli soldiers.

As the situation intensifies, different individuals are coming up with their various views on the conflict. May Allah bless our Palestinian brothers and sisters. May peace be prevailed.

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