Gaza Children Write Names on Hands to Be Identified After Bombings

Fear of death looms: Every Palestinian child writes their names on their hands to be identified.
Gaza children writing name on hands
Image Credit: Amer Zahr

In the face of witnessing countless lives lost every hour, Palestinians have made a collective decision. Individuals are writing their own names on their hands for identification in case they become victims of the ongoing conflict.


As the conflict between Israel and Hamas enters the 11th day, Gaza has been pushed into an even more devastating situation. Small children are losing their lives, families are being torn apart, and women are being slaughtered. Thousands of airstrikes launched by Israel from time to time have left the small densely populated city of Gaza in ruins, but there is still no ceasefire in sight.

The situation has further escalated as the Israeli soldiers have blocked all essential supplies to the Palestinians. To add to this, Israeli supporters were witnessed celebrating the loss of lives in Palestine in a video that has been circulating on social media.

China’s foreign minister has called for an urgent ceasefire through the UN Security Council, while the United States continues to provide all the military help to Israel, contributing to the conflict and making the matter even worse.

As days pass by, the situation is becoming more dire, with a large number of Palestinians losing their lives every day. People of Gaza have now started writing their names on their hands to be identified by their family or loved ones in case they fall victim to the devastating conflict. The sense of fear looms as the Palestinians see their death call in front of their eyes.

Reports have indicated that even the trucks containing humanitarian aid for Gazans are being attacked by Israel.

As the situation unfolds, the world can witness the worst of the humanitarian crisis. Our prayers go out to all the Palestinians and the ones stuck there. Let’s pray that peace prevails soon.

(UPDATED OCT 23, 2023: Updated the article by adding a video of the incident.)

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