YouTube Rewards a Man Who Broadcasted His Violent Assaults on Indian Muslims

India faces extremism crisis via Youtube Live Streaming.
Monu Manesar
Photo: Al Jazeera

HARYANA – The surge of extremism in India is worth noticing with the streamer Monu Manesar’s live hate streaming on YouTube which calls for strict content moderation.

In the recent turn of events, India has faced the rise of vigilante streams, which has given an alert on the dangerous use of social media and politics along with religious extremism.

One such event occurred when a self-proclaimed cow protector, YouTuber Monu Manesar, became popular in India for live-streaming his harsh attacks on individuals he suspected of transporting and slaughtering cows.

His unacceptable actions, which included filming himself exchanging gunfire with cattle transporters and beating them, also gained him a significant online following on YouTube and Facebook. His fans praised him for his actions, and American social media companies rewarded him with online recognition. In October, YouTube even awarded him a “Silver Creator” award for reaching 100,000 subscribers, further fueling his notorious actions.

However, Monu’s actions did not stop online violence. He and his fans were also recorded to have been involved in major killings in January and February. He was also accused of starting a sectarian riot that resulted in 6 deaths near New Delhi.

However, this incident is part of a broader campaign, as investigated. It is being carried out by Hindu nationalists who are working closely with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party to strengthen their control through the use of technology.

Despite repeated warnings from Indian activists, Silicon Valley companies allowed Manesar to continue broadcasting violence until his channel was finally shut down following a police investigation.

The story of Monu Manesar highlights the dangerous consequences of social media platforms failing to act swiftly against individuals who promote hate and violence. Activists had warned YouTube and Facebook about Monu Manesar’s accounts, but the action was delayed, citing concerns about the safety of their employees in India.

As the Youtuber’s influence grew, so did his political ambitions. It is feared that individuals like him could potentially enter politics, further polarizing India and posing a threat to all minorities. The story of Waris, a young mechanic who fell victim to Manesar’s violence, serves as a reminder of the real-life consequences of online extremism.

In a digitally connected country like India, the responsibility of social media companies to root out hate and violence cannot be underestimated. The disturbing rise of vigilante streamers like Monu Manesar highlights the urgent need for stricter content moderation and accountability on these platforms to prevent further harm and protect vulnerable communities, especially Muslims.

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