India Denies Emergency Landing to Saudi Airlines Due to Critical Muslim Patient

As Mumbai refused to allow entry to the critical Bangladeshi patient, Saudi Airlines made an emergency landing at the Karachi airport.
Saudi Airlines plane in the air
Image: Al Arabiya

Saudi Airlines Flight from Bangladesh makes an emergency landing in Karachi.

A Saudi Airlines flight from Dhaka, Bangladesh hit a critical situation on Tuesday when a passenger’s health deteriorated during the flight, causing an emergency landing in Karachi.

Riyadh-bound flight SV 805, which took off from the capital Dhaka at 3:57 am, passed through Indian airspace when 44-year-old Bangladeshi passenger Abu Tahir fell seriously ill with high blood pressure and persistent vomiting, according to airline sources.

Saudia flight SV805
Flight route of SV 805.

In response to the deterioration of the passenger and health, the pilot decided to divert the plane towards Mumbai and requested clearance from the Mumbai Air Traffic Controller (ATC) to make an emergency landing.

However, before Mumbai Air Traffic Control gave permission, the plane had already started to land. Despite the urgency of the situation, Mumbai ATC refused to allow the Bangladeshi Muslim passenger to land, citing his nationality.

As the Bangladeshi passengers were denied entry into Indian territory, the Saudi Airline was forced to seek an alternative landing site.

As a result, the pilot steered the plane towards Karachi and landed successfully at Jinnah International Airport at 7.28 am. As doctors rushed to treat the sick passenger, the Aviation Authority and the CAA medical team responded quickly when contacted and administered first aid measures.

The passenger of Bengali origin was examined by on-site medical personnel who provided the necessary treatment. Then, after a thorough medical evaluation and assistance, the flight continued from Karachi to Riyadh.

The event highlights the critical role of rapid decision-making and effective coordination in handling in-flight emergencies. Moreover, Mumbai’s denial of treating the Bangladeshi patient caught widespread criticism as individuals stated that this act was in no way a gesture of humanity.

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