Pilgrims in Madinah Actively Buying From McDonald’s Supporting Israel

Despite the boycott campaign, Muslims queuing up in front of McDonald’s raises concerns.
Muslims queuing up at Mcdonalds in Madinah

Video circulating on the internet shows have sparked controversy as it shows Muslim customers in Madinah lining up for the Israeli-owned food chain McDonald’s ignoring other halal options.

In a recent turn of events, a video circulating on social media shows the long queue of Muslim customers outside the Israeli-owned fast-food chain McDonald’s despite other available halal options.

The video has raised criticism in light of the ongoing boycott Against Israeli-owned products. However the queue in front of McDonald’s and that too in  Madinah raises questions about the effectiveness of the boycott campaign against Israeli products and their supporters.

The boycott campaign started on October 7th, 2023 after Israel attacked Gaza killing more than 15,000 Palestinians and blocking the supply of necessities to the city. The severity of the situation increased when hospitals and churches were attacked resulting in a collapse of the healthcare in Gaza.

Keeping in view the significance of the holy site and mosque al Aqsa, Muslims around the world called for a widespread boycott of Israeli products and companies that were supporting Israel including the famous food chain McDonald’s.

Outraged by the Israeli attacks on Gaza, Muslims expressed their solidarity with the Palestinians and used the power of social media to spread the campaign. Countries such as Turkey, Malaysia, Egypt, and Jordan supported the boycott campaign. The boycott even resulted in a huge loss for the companies owned by Israel. 

To pressure the Israeli government to end its Brutal attacks on Gaza the pro-Palestinian supporters called for a boycott of McDonald’s the famous food chain after the company posted on its official page that it would be providing free food to Israeli soldiers.

However, the video circulating on the Internet reveals that the boycott has not gained universal support among Muslims.  The video clearly shows a long line of Muslim customers waiting to buy food from the Israeli-owned food chain despite other Halal options like Al Baik etc.

The video faced widespread criticism as individuals argued that buying anything from Israeli companies is the same as funding the Israeli government to attack Gaza. Few other individuals disagree and claim that boycotting McDonald’s will not affect the situation in Gaza. They argue that the only way we can help the Palestinians Is by donating money and raising awareness.

The video from Madinah indicates the difference in opinions among Muslims and highlights the challenges of the boycott campaign. The video raises questions about the role of Muslims in the conflict and calls for the Muslim ummah to wake up and raise their Voices for their Palestinian brothers and sisters.

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