Jordan Bans Taraweeh Prayers Because of Coronavirus

Jordan Bans Taraweeh

Jordan bans Taraweeh prayers during Ramadan 2020 to curb the spread of Coronavirus in the region, Jordan’s awqaf ministry announced it recently as reported by Petra News Agency.

This decision came after the approval from Minister of Awqaf and the Islamic Affairs, Mohammad Khalailah.

As we are offering fard (obligatory) salah at our homes, and will pray Taraweeh at homes also. Just like the rest of the world, we are also facing a deadly pandemic.

Khalailah said.

Jordan Bans Taraweeh Prayers During Ramadan 2020

Khalilah also said that taking this decision was tough for them, but he said for the security of the citizens and to keep the homeland safe, we have to take the bold decisions as per shariah to fight the coronavirus.

The government of Jordan will also impose curfew in the country for 48 hours which will start from 17th April 2020, until Saturday’s midnight, confirmed by Amjad Adaileh, Minister of State for Media Affairs.

The full curfew in Jordan will exclude all the Medical professionals working in both private and public sectors as well as some officials, workers, and employees in vital sectors along with epidemiological inspection teams, Adaileh confirmed.

During the curfew, we will take strict measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, workers from major production and service facilities will work in Jordan.

Adaileh said.

The minister further confirmed that Jordan’s government will also announce the measures taken by workers under the NAF (National Aid Fund), through this the workers who have been affected with the coronavirus recession, will be able to cash out some wages. The cash will be given out to 200,000 families.

Recently Saudi Arabia had also banned Taraweeh during Ramadan to stop the spread of coronavirus, urging Muslims to pray Taraweeh at home. And Sheikh Sudais also ordered to send ZamZam water to coronavirus patients.

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