5 Things Will Change in Ramadan 2020 Because of Coronavirus

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Ramadan 2020: The world is going through a global lockdown the duration of this situation is yet uncertain. Thus, we must be prepared to observe a different month of Ramadan, this year.

1. The prayers and lockdown

man standing dubai mosque
Artur Aldyrkhanov

This year, Muslims would be prevented from praying at mosques. Congregation prayers are even banned in the Gulf countries as people gatherings are strictly not recommended these days.

2. No i’tikaf within mosques during Ramadan 2020

coronavirus itikaf ramadan 2020
Rumman Amin

As mosques would be kept closed, people won’t be able to follow i’tikaf at their local mosques. But women would be still able to perform i’tikaf prayers as they follow most of the religious prayers within their houses.

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3. There won’t be any Social gatherings

muslim woman hijab cherry blossom
Hasan Almasi

Also, people won’t be able to have gatherings and eat with their friends and acquaintances. Eid shopping will also be impacted. We won’t be able to meet our relatives after watching the sight of the moon in order to felicitate them about Ramadan.

4. 27th Ramadan

man praying in turkish mosque
Rachid Oucharia

27th Ramadan, which is the night of blessings, won’t also be as regular as it was. Amid the lockdown to stay socially distant, lightening or the sermons at homes or at the mosques won’t be possible.

5. The Taraweeh prayers

problem of taraweeh during ramzan 2020
Utsman Media

With regards to the ban on congregational prayers, the Taraweeh prayers also wouldn’t stay intact. Sadly, Taraweeh” in Ramadan 2020, which are the special evening prayers, won’t be followed within the mosques.

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Thereby we can also conclude that we shall observe a different Eid day too, this year. The contagious viral pandemic has changed our lives in all the aspects that one isn’t able to predict the future.

We must be prepared for the unpredictables as there is currently no cure and drugs for coronavirus.

Muslims are only left with an option to pray inside their houses and ask Allah for His forgiveness.
We are suggested to seek Allah’s mercy to get through these difficult times.

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mekail Kamran

This brings tears to my eyes. Ramadan is the best time of the year. We spend more time in the mosques, engage in more ‘Ibadah, recite the Qur’an more frequently and abstain from sins as much as we can and most importantly, attend the Taraweeh prayer. But sadly, due to the spread of the Corona virus, we can’t do many of these things. I personally love spending time in the mosque and Ramadan is the perfect opportunity for that, but not this time. I planned so many things for Ramadan, but sadly, i won’t be able to do many of… Read more »

Iqbal Ahmed kazi

In corona viruse time can we make tarawih prayer Jamat of 5 to 10 people at home


I guess people won’t be able to join if they are outside your immediate family members

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