Ilyas Qadri Donated 6,500 Blood Bottle For Thalassemia Kids

Ilyas Qadri Donated 6500 Blood Bottle Thalassemia

For beginners, Thalassemia patients face a lack of availability of blood, mainly the younger patients. Focusing on this problem, Molana Ilyas Qadri recently donated 6,500 bottles of blood from his own cortege to contribute to the mass shortage.

On 29th of March, the Dawat-e-Islami ameer asked people, as well as his companions, to visit the blood banks for donation.

Undoubtedly, people are finding it hard to continue their normal routines in the lockdown because of the pandemic. Some of them are sharing about their boredom and how they miss their luxurious life whereas, on the other side, some are struggling to stay alive because of the unavailability of the necessities to them.

People are devastated because the pandemic has made their lives hard; financially as well as health-wise.

The fact that the need for blood got shifted towards the patients of coronavirus has affected and increased the suffering of Thalassemia patients.

Furthermore, Molana Ilyas Qadri communicated to the public and requested to help the locals of the nation so their issue and suffering may not be neglected. He pleaded to help out the ones suffering from Pakistan’s dropping economy.

The nation needs us!

Since the year 2017, the quantities of the patients suffering from thalassemia is observed rising. Blood is undoubtedly required for such patients in order to survive and continue their lives.

In accordance with the National Statistics which is continuously updated every year, 6,000 young patients die because of thalassemia’s blood disorder. In it, a person’s bone marrow is unable to generate the blood cells.

Besides, the count of this year made it to 2.5 million. Dr. Rahat Hussain, a Hematologist, shared that each month around 150,000 to 200,000 blood bags are needed to treat the thalassemia patients. Hence, thousands of children suffer every month.

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